Minding Your Business - Softcover

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Martin Kamenski, a practicing CPA, unleashes years of tax experience onthe creative community. He offers explanations in language that is easyfor the most number-illiterate to understand. His Chicago-based practiceserves clients nationwide and offers artists and creative professionalsthe explanations they need to make sense of the tangled web of the IRS.

Kamenskiprovides guidance about when to treat yourself as a business. He willadvise on the important considerations before incorporating. He willshatter some of the most prevalent (and costly) myths existing in theartistic community.

Suitable for any actor, writer, musician,dancer, photographer, director, model, visual artist, band, productioncompany, etc., etc., etc., Kamenski has taken the very fine-tuned methodof explaining taxes that made his practice successful and condensed itin a book that will pay for itself tenfold. The playing field is aboutto be leveled. Prepare to feel in control of your financial future!

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