The Worship Vocal Book - Softcover with DVD-ROM

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Author Tim Carson has been traveling the country, helping singers of alltypes learn to present themselves and their music in a way thatcommunicates the emotion in the song, the heart behind the lyrics, andthe power behind the voice. He helps people understand their voice as aninstrument, like any other, and that singing is truly a learnableskill. At a wide range of conferences and sessions, the principlespresented in The Worship Vocal Book have proven to produce better singers, time and time again.

Thetechniques in this book draw on four-hundred years of classical,foundational vocal instruction and yet they are fresh. Tim presents themin a way that is different from any other method available today,particularly as it pertains to the contemporary worship singer, leader,songwriter, or performer. The information is presented in a way that iseasy to follow, and it works!

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