Remo 10.75" Skyndeep Symmetry Crimplock Conga Head - Puerto Rican Flag

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This Remo 10.75" Skyndeep Crimplock Symmetry Conga Head will fit nicely on 'conga'-sized congas that run a little smaller than professional models, like the LP Aspire or Meinl Headliner drums - or the Gon Bops California requinto drum!

Remo Crimplock Symmetry Heads were designed to fit easily on lots of manufacturer's different drums - and if you've ever had to change out a conga head, you know how much of a hassle it can be!

Skyndeep heads feature a graphic infusion of pigment into the polyester surface, giving the head a totally unique look without affecting the sound quality! These heads have great qualities, including weather resistance, a warm tone, and lots of projection power.

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