John McCarthy - Lead Guitar - DVD

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Techniques for Creating Solos Expand Your Arsenal!

Designed by world renowned guitarist John McCarthy, this collection of lead guitar techniques will help you expand your arsenal and create new ideas for your own blazing solos. Develop arpeggio skills with sweep tap, small three string sweep and arpeggio progressions. Learn techniques like bi-dextral scale hammer-ons, pivoting, whammy bar tricks, muted scratching and full neck runs. Add color to your style with violin effect, natural flange, sextuplet speed runs, two string speed riffs and much more! Use the backing tracks that are included to help you apply these examples and start using them right away!

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Series: Rock House
Publisher: Rock House
Format: DVD
Author: John McCarthy
Inventory #HL 14018746
UPC: 882413000859
Publisher Code: FR01006
Width: 5.5"
Length: 7.5"
Run Time: 1:15:00

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