Hadley J. Castille: A Lesson in Cajun Fiddle Music DVD

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Learn from a Cajun Fiddle Master himself, Hadley J. Castille, as he explains your favorite Cajun Songs! Hadley J. Castille is one of the finest exponents of authentic South Louisiana Cajun fiddle music. Ever since his epiphany during a tour of Canada in the early 80s, Hadley J. Castille has represented a rare side of Cajun music history. While most practitioners follow the typical accordion-fiddle model, culling tunes from the standards vault, Castille's roots are a direct link to the Cajun Swing era of the late 30s, specifically those of Cajun swing fiddle king Harry Choates. In this interactive DVD, Hadley and his band The Sharecroppers perform original and favorites as well as an explanation of how and why Hadley plays these songs. When being used as a fiddle teaching tool, this fully interactive DVD can teach both intermediate and advanced students.

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