Skeptical Guitarist Ukulele From Scratch - Book

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What every beginner needs to know to get up and playing as soon as possible, plus somewhere to go after that. Learn how to tune your uke and to strum some simple chords from our favorite Chord Families: C, G, F, D and A. Plenty of familiar song examples, as well as referrals to classic songs on You Tube. There is fingerpicking (including Travis-picking), 12-bar blues, cool chords around the neck, some useful scales and an explanation of the Minor Keys. There's no need to read music, but there is just enough music theory to help make you a better player, including the demystification of the Circle of Fifths.

(c) 2012
ISBN 978-0-9788609-3-4
100 pages

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Here We Go
  • Tuning the Ukulele
  • The C Chord
  • Chord Qualities
  • C Chord Family: Major Chords
    • Strumming
    • Songs in the Key of C
    • Beyond the 1 - 4 - 5 Chords
    • C Chord Family on YouTube
    • C Chords Up the Neck
    • F Chords Up the Neck
    • G and G7 Chords Up the Neck
    • Songs Up the Neck in C
  • G Chord Family
    • Songs in the Key of G
    • G Chord Family on YouTube
    • More Chords Up the Neck
    • Difference between Keys of C and G
    • C Major Scale on the Uke
    • G and D Major Scales
  • D Chord Family
    • Songs in the Key of D
    • D Chord Family on YouTube
  • A Chord Family
    • Songs in the Key of A
    • A Chord Family on YouTube
  • F Chord Family
    • Songs in the Key of F
    • F Chord Family on YouTube
  • Patriotic Interlude (America)
  • Quiz Time for the Chord Families
  • Our 5 Chord Families
  • More Playing Up the Neck
    • You Are My Sunshine
    • Amazing Grace
    • Sloop John B.
    • Morning Has Broken
  • Circle of Fifths
    • BEADGC
    • The Rhythm Changes
    • Yuletide Backcycling in C and G
    • Four Chords on YouTube
  • Fingerpicking
    • Arpeggios in 4/4 Time
    • Arpeggios in 3/4 Time
    • Arpeggios in 6/8 Time
  • Travis-picking
    • You Are My Sunshine
    • Five Foot Two
    • Pinch Pattern
    • Dust in the Wind
    • Fingerstyle Odds and Ends
  • Chord Qualities
    • Major 7th and Minor 7th
    • Ninth and Rhythm Changes
    • Sus2 and Sus4
    • 6th and Diminished 7th
    • America in Two Keys
    • Power-Sus2 Progressions
    • Random Chord Progressions
  • Chord-Melody Style
    • Amazing Grace
    • Auld Lang Syne
    • Jingle Bells
    • Minor Keys
  • Intro to 12-Bar Blues
    • Key of A
    • Playing Blues Lead in A
    • Blues in the Keys of E and C
  • C-A-G-F-D: 5 Chord Shapes
    • Major and 7th Chords Around the Neck
    • Minor Chords Around the Neck
  • Ukulele Chord Chart
    • Aloha hoa'aloha!

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