Innovative Percussion Rennick Cranberry Yarn Soft Marimba Mallets - Birch

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This model contains the softest core and thickest yarn of the entire series, and is meant for those moments when you want a warm, lush sound from the marimbas without too much articulation. These mallets work wonders in a ballad.

With smaller cores that are weighted unlike any other IP mallets, the Sandi Rennick series mallets produce a focused sound without the immense weight that is typical among front ensemble mallets. Historically, weight was added as the front ensemble grew into its current place in marching bands and drum corps. With the standardization of amplified keyboards, mallets no longer need to be extra-heavy in order to get the instruments' volume louder. All Sandi Rennick models are made with birch shafts with a matte finish, as well as a synthetic yarn developed to withstand the rugged nature of the marching arts.

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