Behind the Player: Tim Skold - Bass DVD

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Behind the Player: Tim Skold
Tim Skold is a Grammy-nominated multi-instrumentalist, writer and producer that has played with Skold, Shotgun Messiah, KMFDM and most recently Marilyn Manson - where his credits include keyboards, synthesizer, bass, guitar and producer of 'The Golden Age of Grotesque' and 'Eat Me Drink Me' albums. In his IMV Behind the Player DVD, Skold gives an intimate behind-the scenes look at his life as a professional musician - including rare photos and video footage.

Skold then gives in-depth guitar and bass lessons for how to play "Putting Holes in Happiness" by Marilyn Manson and jams the tracks with Jane's Addiction drummer Stephen Perkins.

VideoTab shows exactly how Skold plays the two tracks. The video-game-style animated tablature is similar to GuitarHero, but shows how to play the tracks for real.

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