Boss - JS10 eBand Audio Player and Trainer

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The BOSS eBand JS-10 Jam Band system is designed to simplify the way youpractice playing guitar or bass. You'll also discover that it's awonderful songwriting aid. And if you either take or give lessons, thenyou'll find it's an absolute must-have learning tool. That's whylife-long, die-hard guitarists and total beginners alike swear by theeBand JS-10 Jam Band system. There are three extremely cool things youshould know about the eBand JS-10 Jam Band system. First, it'sabsolutely loaded with excellent practice tools and functions. Second,there's the totally killer BOSS guitar and bass effects system and COSMamplifier modeling. And last but not least, there's the eBand JS-10'sawesome 2.1 stereo sound system. Check it out.

  • 2.1-channel sound system with integrated subwoofer delivers full-range sound with powerful deep bass
  • Two inputs for guitars, basses, and/or vocals, with individual controls and effects paths; ideal for duet jam sessions and teacher/student lessons
  • New custom DSP chip provides effects and COSM amps equivalent to the flagship GT-100
  • Over 350 pre-loaded audio loops for jamming along including new minus-one audio for bass, two guitars, and guitar and bass plus 50 new songs
  • Center Cancel for minus-one play-along sessions; tempo/key-shift function

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