Paiste Formula 602 24" Medium Ride Cymbal

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Legendary cymbal line for soft, delicate to medium loud volume settings that require precise playing – relaunched in 2010. Formula 602 cymbals produce a true, pure sound of unique clarity.

Full, rich, fairly bright, solid. Medium range, clean mix. Controlled and even feel. Very nice and sparkling stick sound supported by a breathy layer of wash. Perfectly balanced. A dynamic all around cymbal for many musical styles played at moderate level.

  • Sizes: 20" 24"
  • Weight: medium
  • Volume: medium low to medium loud
  • Stick Sound: fairly clear, fairly glassy
  • Intensity: controlled
  • Sustain: long
  • Bell Character: fairly separated, fairly smooth
Paiste 602 24" Medium Ride Cymbal

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