Frederick Harris Four Star Sight Reading - Book 1

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This graded series of eleven books, covering beginner to advanced levels, develops comprehensive reading ability and musical understanding. Assignments are organized into daily sight-reading and ear-training exercises to facilitate regular practice at home. Original examples have been specifically composed for Introductory through Book 4; Books 5 through 10 feature excerpts from standard repertoire in a variety of styles and textures. This proven series offers an effective way to prepare students for the requirements of many examination systems including: RCM Examinations (meets the Piano Syllabus, 2008 Edition requirements), National Music Certificate Program, Certificate of Merit (Music Teacher's Association of California), National Guild of Piano Teachers, and the curricula of most MTNA (Music Teachers National Association) affiliates. Book 1 includes grand staff reading of single-line melodies in five-finger positions, key signatures of up to one sharp or flat, and an introduction to eighth notes in clapping exercises.

Publication Code: 4S1  
Title: Book 1
Author/Composer: Boris Berlin and Andrew Markow  
Editor: Scott McBride Smith

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