Halloween Shadows - Piano Solo

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Did you hear something? What’s that lurking over there behind the bushes? Only the student knows as they perform this sly Late Elementary piece in D Minor - perfectly capturing the spooky unknown creatures that may lurk in the dark on Halloween night. With movement of both hands up and down the keyboard, this piece provides a challenging exercise for hand placement, while never losing the fun character of Halloween. Teachers will enjoy watching as students become faster and faster at placing their hands in the perfect spot to hit that suspenseful note, and then return to the lower shadowy register for more mystery!

By Martha Mier
Item: 00-39665
UPC: 038081447773
ISBN 10: 0739092235
ISBN 13: 9780739092231
Series: Signature Series
Category: Piano Solo
Format: Sheet
Instrument: Piano
Level: Late Elementary

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