Who's That Hiding? - Piano Solo

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This supremely mischievous piece for Elementary students offers several rewarding challenges with octave melodies as well as major second clusters to create a sneaky atmosphere in A minor. Written in 4/4, this piece jumps from quiet to loud with a startling “Boo!” as we jump out and scare our friends both lyrically and musically. Like crisp autumn footsteps, staccato notes abound, with an accent as the trap has been sprung on our friends. Students will enjoy the idea of being a bit mischievous while also training their ear to accent non-traditional intervals in their playing.

By Mary K. Sallee
Item: 00-39663
UPC: 038081447759
ISBN 10: 0739092219
ISBN 13: 9780739092217
Series: Signature Series
Category: Piano Solo
Format: Sheet
Instrument: Piano
Level: Late Elementary

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