A Sweet Trick or Treat - Piano Solo

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Candy, candy, candy! "A Sweet Trick or Treat" provides a melody in C minor and 4/4 meter that lightly dances down the neighborhood streets in search of sweets of all sorts. The contrast between ultra-crisp staccato and snaky slurs will challenge in this Elementary piano solo. The sudden change from quiet dynamics to a loud f will be a delight for students to perform as they might get a few scares of their own in a performance setting! The optional accompaniment, written an octave higher than the student part, will help to acquaint ears with a new color of the piano that students will find sweet indeed!

By Carol Matz
Item: 00-39661
UPC: 038081447735
ISBN 10: 0739092197
ISBN 13: 9780739092194
Series: Signature Series
Category: Piano Solo
Format: Sheet
Instrument: Piano
Level: Elementary

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