Fulltone Secret Freq Overdrive Pedal

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Another touch-sensitive, dynamic, natural sounding overdrive/distortion to confuse the marketplace filled with Fulldrives, RC's, AC's, Tim's, and about a hundred others made by one-man-shows with the word tone in their names. Yes it does the normal gig-friendly TS-thing and the Clean boost thing, but the ‘Freq has WAY more tricks in its bag.

With soft clipping for the lower OD sounds, something else happens as you turn up the Distortion knob and/or hit the strings harder… the secondary clipping kicks in, which has a rich flavor and feel thanks to the character its Germanium Diodes & Schottky diodes impart. Nothing like the PlimSoul, nothing like the OCD, in fact nothing like any other pedal on the market.

But wait…what's this "Freq." knob?

Turn it and a (Patent Applied For) circuit located in the first stage clipping-loop adds as much as 12db of active narrow band MIDRANGE right where it does the most good, like installing a wah wah right where the distortion is generated. But unlike turning on your wah wah along with your distortion pedal, the bass and treble frequencies don't disappear... Very unique, and do not confuse this with a simple blasé midrange control tacked on to the end of the circuit, as is the case with any other pedal with a Midrange control you’ve seen or heard of. Adding this midrange where the distortion is created imparts so much sustain and lets you easily place the guitar in the mix where you want it, irrespective of volume.....soundman's not going to bury you any more :)

What's it sound like?
Along with a slew of basic great OD/Distortion pedal sounds, it allows you to replicate a very, very wide range of your favorite guitar & amp sounds.

At low overdrive settings it simply allows you to shape the pedal to cut through any mix and replaces a few of your pedals on the 'board, and perhaps even an amp or two.

At more extreme (clockwise) Freq settings?
Brings a smile to your face an evokes the coolest Jimmy Page, Brian May, Michael Schenker, Robin Trower, Tom Scholz tones that you just couldn’t previously get without a bunch of studio trickery, EQ, mic-placement, and amps.

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