Yamaha Field Corp Sextet 6"-6"-8"-10"-12"-13" w/ RM-TFCQS Carrier, Spacers, & Case - Black Forest

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Yamaha's Field-Corps multi-toms deliver a pure, focused tone that is maximized by a deeper, more balanced set of multi-toms. These toms are equipped with a lug that utilizes an arch-shape design which allows the shell to vibrate freely thus delivering greater tone. The Field-Corps multi-toms are also equipped with a 2.3mm thick, steel Ultra Hoop™ rim that is specially designed by Yamaha. Its profile protects the bearing edge from mallet sweeps, which is especially important as the rim height lowers.

The multi-toms also utilize a high-strength aluminum reinforcement ring inserted just below the bearing edge to maintain shell integrity—especially when high-tension tuning is used.

Maple shells with its performance proven through the numerous DCI championships and High percussion awards won by Yamaha supported marching ensembles, has been chosen for the shells. Original Yamaha high-pressure air bag shell forming technology creates maple shells that exhibit sharp attack and wide dynamic range for complex, expressive sound.

The light, die-cast aluminum lugs are designed with a unique arch-shaped center. This Yamaha original design decreases surface to surface contact between the shell and lug permitting the shell to vibrate freely. This in turn results in greater tone production. The 8300 lug designs are 50% lighter and 12% stronger than the 8100 lug design. The arched lug design allows the shell to breathe while reducing weight.

RM-TFCQS Carrier
Randall May's Tube Carriers feature ergonomic lightweight design. This patented design is the optimal carrier for comfort and adjustability.  Features aluminum belly plate – lighter and stronger than traditional materials, aluminum tubes – allow infinite torso height adjustment and tow-in adjustment (angle front to back of tubes near the shoulders), shoulder rotation – adjustments can be made to the camber (left and right), Caster (back to front).


  • Maple Shells
  • High Tension Tuning Supported
  • Extra Deep Cut
  • Air-Seal System Shells
  • 45 Degree Bearing Edge
  • Aluminum Die-Cast Lug Design

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