Evans 14" Black Chrome Drumhead

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The Evans Black Chrome series is an ideal batter head for the Rock/Metal/Progressive drummer who
hits hard, plays fast and desires a new, attractive aesthetic with a punchy tone.

Featuring a two-ply construction with a ply of 7mil optically clear film over a 7.5mil black film, Evans
Black Chrome provides strong durability combined with a sleek mirror-like appearance and a robust
tone. The combination of opposing films (two different types and thicknesses) shortens sustain and
provides an accentuated mid-to-low frequency response.
  • 2-Ply construction (7mil clear over 7.5mil black film for reliable 2-ply durability)
  • Semi-Reflective mirror-like appearance
  • Opposing films for shorter sustain and accentuated mid/low frequency response
  • Uncoated for maximum attack and aesthetic characteristics

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