Rico Reserve Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece - 1.05mm

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Inspired by the most prized, vintage mouthpieces of the 1920s, the Reserve harnesses modern technology, pioneered by D’Addario, to recreate the incomparable craftsmanship found in these legendary works of art. Milled—not molded—from hard rubber for a higher level of consistency, every Reserve mouthpiece is machined to the strictest tolerances. But make no mistake: the true beauty of Reserve lies beyond its polished angles, glorious curves and proprietary materials to something far more remarkable… its sound.

“The Reserve mouthpiece has raised the bar.  Rico has succeeded in designing a mouthpiece that sounds like the great vintage mouthpieces of old, has superb intonation and articulation, and gives the player huge satisfaction; at only a small fraction of the cost!" – Mark Nuccio, Acting Principal Clarinet, New York Philharmonic
“The Reserve mouthpiece is the best mouthpiece that I have every played!  It allows me to produce a velvety rich sound that has diamond-like shimmering core.  It makes all other mouthpieces feel simple and two dimensional.” – Richie Hawley, Rice University, Texas
"First with the Classic Reserve reed and now with the Reserve mouthpiece, Rico has accomplished something very important. Rico has leveled the playing field for clarinetists. We can now just go to any store that carries Rico products and buy, for a VERY reasonable price, a mouthpiece that embodies the marvelous characteristics of the finest vintage mouthpieces. Bravo Rico.” –Bil Jackson

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