Sound Innovations for Concert Band: Ensemble Development - Flute

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Sound Innovations: Ensemble Developmentis a valuable resource for helping your students grow in theirunderstanding and abilities as ensemble musicians. It contains 412exercises, including more than 70 chorales by some of today's mostrenowned concert band composers. An assortment of exercises is groupedby key and presented in a variety of intermediate difficulty levels.Where possible, several exercises in the same category are provided toallow variety, while still accomplishing the goals of that specific typeof exercise. You will notice that many exercises and chorales areclearly marked with dynamics, articulations, style, and tempo forstudents to practice those aspects of performance. Other exercises areintentionally left flexible for the teacher to determine how best to usethem in facilitating and addressing the needs and goals of theirensemble. Whether your students are progressing through exercises tobetter their technical facility, or challenging their musicianship withbeautiful chorales, this book can be used after any band method or as asupplement to performance music. Contains chorales composed by RolandBarrett, Andrew Boysen, Ralph Ford, Rossano Galante, Robert Sheldon,Todd Stalter, Randall Standridge, and Michael Story.

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