Alfred's Teach Yourself Guitar Tone and Effects - Guitar Reference Book

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Everything You Need to Know About Guitars, Amps, and Effects
By Tobias Hurwitz, Ethan Fiks, and Vivian Clement

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ISBN 10: 0739090763
ISBN 13: 9780739090763

Series: Teach Yourself Series
Category: Guitar Reference
Format: Book & CD
Instrument: Guitar

This book & CD features clear instruction on how to achieve the tones and effects of your favorite guitarists including an in-depth breakdown of effects pedals and processors, sample licks (in the style of Tom Morello, Joe Satriani, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Michael Angelo Batio, and others), ways to create unusual sounds, replicate sounds of other instruments, home studio basics, plus covers the various types of guitars, amps, speakers, and cabinets. The included CD demonstrates all of the examples and sounds.

Upon completion of this book, you’ll be able to attain virtually any tone you’re looking for (whether playing live or recording in a studio), simulate the sounds of famous guitarists past and present, and create a variety of special effects that will blow your audiences away.

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