Slug Percussion Triad Pad Bass Drum Batter Pad

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The Batter Badge® TRIAD PAD™ vented impact pad works with both single and double pedal beater set-ups. Improves durability of bass drum head without sacrificing sound quality. Patented vented triangular shape flexes with drumhead and provides a larger contact area with less weight than conventional pads.
Thin - .010" thick clear polycarbonate film ideal for traditional play styles and studio recording applications. 3" wide at base - .010 clear Polycarbonate film and designed with Blaze Orange graphics.

The Triad Pad Improves the drumhead's durability and focuses the beater's attack.  Compact and lightweight. The patented vented design also can be used with double pedals.  Ideal for felt, wool, plastic and rubber beaters.

Recommended with the Slug Power Head Beater for ultimate bass drum performance!

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