Theo Wanne DURGA Series Gold Metal Baritone Saxophone Mouthpiece - #7

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The DURGA baritone is the culmination of many years of research and testing. It produces a simply HUGE sound that takes the Baritone Saxophone to a whole new level. REALLY! The baritone saxophone is like a whole new, improved, instrument with the DURGA mouthpiece. As there has never been a mouthpiece designed like the DURGA before (especially for baritone) it must be played to be understood. It really is breathtaking.

Due to the nature of the DURGA design and the baritone’s already robust sound, the DURGA baritone mouthpiece is exceedingly versatile and we recommend it for most types of music.

The DURGA has the most technically advanced design (PATENTED) and manufacturing process (PATENT PENDING) of any mouthpiece in history. The result is a powerful mouthpiece with a huge core and breath of sound. It can both scream and play a soft ballad. The DURGA baritone really does everything well.

The secret to the DURGA lies in a uniquely designed baffle coupled with deeply rounded inner side walls and a special power version of our True Large Chamber incorporating a Power Ring. The Power Ring is a ring set at the back of the chamber that radically tapers the chamber down. This allows the mouthpiece to get all the benefits of our True Large Chamber AND the power inherent in small chamber mouthpieces.

The DURGA mouthpiece is so unique and so much fun to play you just won’t want to put your horn down!


  • Versatile HUGE Sound appropriate for most types of music
  • Fills a room effortlessly and makes everyone want to dance
  • It is so unique; it really has to be played to be understood and believed
  • Super fat sound due to its very large and complex interior chamber
  • Great for Screamin’ Jazz, R&B, and Rock&Roll
  • Radical Power-Version of our True Large Chamber! NO COMPARISON

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