Blues Guitar for Absolute Beginners - Guitar Method DVD

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This superb DVD features easy-to-absorb lessons that are designed to teach beginning guitarists the essentials of blues guitar playing. Over the course of this DVD, you will learn lead techniques such as string bending, hammer-ons & pull-offs, slide and vibrato that can also be used in other styles from jazz to metal. This DVD covers: essential blues techniques including 12-bar blues rhythm patterns • triplet shuffle rhythm patterns • the pentatonic minor scale • barre chords • major pentatonic scale • 12-bar soloing • blues bends • complementary guitar parts • fills and phrases • copying licks • call and response • blues phrasing • and more!
Series: Lick Library
Publisher: Licklibrary
Format: DVD
Author: Danny Gill

Inventory #HL 00101380
ISBN: 9781476808536
UPC: 884088667016
Publisher Code: RDR0428
Width: 5.25"
Length: 7.5"
Run Time: 2:30:00

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