John Toomey's Footwork: Developing 6-way Independence - Drums - DVD

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In this new DVD, Florian Alexandru-Zorn has compiled the clearest and most comprehensive concepts for brush technique ever. This DVD will provide the underlying secrets of playing drumset with brushes---not just mindless and endless patterns, but concepts for every playing style and genre, from jazz and Latin to funk and reggae. The Brush Secret is suitable for both beginners and advanced players. It'll give you the freedom you need to apply your own voice to the brushes. Topics include sweeping concepts; 17 different genres; interviews and short lessons with Jost Nickel, Mike Johnston, Benny Greb, and Stanton Moore; percussion adaptations; how to record brushes; and much more.

This instructional compilation includes:

  • Personal introduction
  • Two prepared solos
  • Description of how to allow each foot to play two separate rhythms simultaneously
  • Rudimentary “Builder” exercises to develop John’s foot technique
  • Short discussions of video sections filmed in remote locations around Chicago
  • In-studio play-alongs showcasing applications of layered patterns with the feet
  • Improvised drum solos
  • In-studio play-alongs of bands that John records and performs with

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