Martin Simpson: Making Connections in Open Tunings DVD

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Making Connections in Open Tunings In this lesson, Martin looks at various tunings he uses as part of his signature sound and compares them in relation to each other and to standard tuning. He also demonstrates how to wrap your head around applying your knowledge you have of tunings you are familiar with to new tunings. Martin's take on Open Tunings and how they work is an absolute must for any guitar player! Martin also touches on some of his unique right and left hand techniques while teaching you 5 of his signature tunes.

Some of the topics Martin discusses on this DVD include: Martin's Explanation of DADGAD; The History of DADGAD; Chords in DADGAD; What DADGAD has in common with Standard Tuning and movable chords; Martin?s left hand technique tips; Hammer on /Pull off/Push off licks; Gsus4 Tuning; Fluidity Exercises; The Mixolydian Mode; Banjo, Blues and Modal Magic; Csus4add9 Tuning; Making Connections Between Tunings.

Product Number: MSDVD01
Format: DVD
UPC: 306196080292
Series: Non-Series
Publisher: Learn Roots Music
Date Published: 6/25/2008

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