Ultimate Drum Play-Along: Radiohead - Book & 2 Enhanced CDs

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Exact drum transcriptions to eight Radiohead classics. In addition to the complete song charts, drum-only charts are also provided. There are two audio versions of every song on the included CDs: with and without drums. Plus, with the software on the CDs you can access three versions of each song: the full-instrumental sound-alike, a version without drums but with a constant click track, and a version without drums and without a click track. And you can also easily loop sections for practice, slow tracks down or speed them up without changing the pitch, change the key, and switch back and forth between track versions.

Titles: 2+2=5 * Anyone Can Play Guitar * Creep * Just * Knives Out * Optimistic * Paranoid Android * Weird Fishes.

Item: 00-38949
UPC: 038081432717
ISBN 10: 073908657X
ISBN 13: 9780739086575
Series: Ultimate Play-Along
Category: Percussion - Drum Set Method or Collection
Format: Book & 2 Enhanced CDs
Instrument: Drum Set
Version: Authentic Drum Edition

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