Attack 1-Ply Medium Smooth White 18" Batter Drumhead w/ No Overtone

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ATTACK™ Drumheads offer a complete line of artist quality drum heads in coated, clear, black, and smooth white finishes. Most models are available in single-ply (louder than ordinary heads) or double-ply, with the double-ply available in 2 different weights. The complete line of Terry Bozzio single-ply signature heads made of Dupont Mylar S film are very popular. Charlie Adams and Bobby Rondinelli offer select model signature heads. All Attack heads are made with a U.S. Duracoat coating and steel locking hoop guaranteed for life. Attack heads offer a complete line of heads for less than other brands.

Medium weight. These heads sound great at any pitch. Easy to tune and keep tuned.
Excellent sound projection.

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