Sonor Jojo Mayer Perfect Balance Single Pedal w/ Carrying Bag

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Low Mass Drive System
The drive cam and beater hub are streamlined into a single unit for low mass and carefully calibrated for perfectly balanced strokes.  Round cam design creates linear acceleration which is a major advantage for many hybrid techniques.

Elongated Board

Elongated and smooth footboard adds more leverage to the stroke and allows extended range of movement for heel toe and sliding techniques.

Ballistic Fiber strap
Ballistic fiber strap minimizes inertia of the drive system and offers a quicker and smoother response than chain or solid drives.  For those who prefer, the pedal can easily be retrofitted with a double chain

Self Mounting Clamp
Quick mounts the pedal with a single motion.  Clamp adjusts to all hoop thicknesses.

Magnetic Spring Dock
Magnetic spring dock secures spring during transportation which dramatically extends the life of the spring.

Non-Proprietary Screws
Standard allen screws are Metric items that can be obtained at every good hardware store.  No need to special order replacement screws any longer

Folding Mechanism
Folds the pedal into compact size for easy transportation with the push of a button. For extended lifespan, the spring can be dislocated and secured with a magnet when folded.

Pedal Bag
Compact Tarpaulin style pedal bag makes bulky carrying cases obsolete.  Includes shouler strap

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