Vic Firth Signature Keith Carlock Hickory Wood Tip Sticks

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A man of great creativity and musical expression, Keith understands the importance of having the right tool for the job. “To me, the perfect stick has to be an extension of my hands if my musical ideas are to flow freely,” explains Keith. “I needed a stick that would work in all musical situations, including heavy rock, soulful groove and jazz combo. My new signature stick does just that for me!”

Crafted in hickory, the Keith Carlock Signature Stick features a compressed tear drop tip. The small size of the tip creates a precise and crisp sound quality, while the characteristic tear drop surface area allows the drums and cymbals to speak in warm tones. The fast sloping taper generates a superior bounce that makes playing doubles and singles virtually effortless.

“My new signature sticks are perfect for me,” Keith goes on to say. “Dynamically, they’re unbelievably versatile. I’m able to play any style of music with total relaxation in the hands. Finesse, feel and groove – these sticks are an extension of my heart and soul!”

Length = 16”
Diameter = .555”

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