Neotech 3101152 Deluxe Junior Accordion Harness - Black

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The Neotech DELUXE ACCORDION HARNESS is comprised of two neoprene straps offering our patented internal control-stretch system for enhanced comfort and mobility. This unique weight reduction system effectively disperses the weight and absorbs the shock of your movements. The straps attach easily to the top of the accordion using 3/4" (1.9cm) webbing and at the bottom with convenient and secure Neo-Loops. Neotech’s DELUXE ACCORDION HARNESS transform the accordion into a joy to play, not a burden! The DELUXE ACCORDION HARNESS™ is a great option for heavier accordions where slightly less stretch is preferred. It features neoprene shoulder pads measuring approximately 2.25" wide by 20" long. Its innovative new design combines a padded foam core, neoprene and heavy elastic for a truly unique feel. This stylish design incorporates a fully adjustable back strap that can be moved up and down the pad as well as adjusted across the back. This special feature gives the DELUXE ACCORDION HARNESS™ a tailored look and fit. The DELUXE ACCORDION HARNESS™ is available in two sizes: Regular 33" - 58" (83.8cm - 147.3cm) and Junior 26" - 40" (66cm - 101.6cm). Measurements are for the length of each strap from the top connection to the bottom connection. 

  • Fits most accordions.
  • Neoprene straps that offer an internal control-stretch system for added comfort and support.
  • Attach with two 3/4" (1.9cm) webbing at the top and two Neo-Loops at the bottom.
  • Available in two sizes: Regular 33" - 58" (83.8cm - 147.3cm) and Junior 26" - 40" (66cm - 101.6cm).
  • Made in the USA.

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