Desktop Mastering - Music Recording Method Book w/ DVD

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Series: Music Pro Guide Books & DVDs
Publisher: Hal Leonard
Format: Softcover with DVD-ROM
Author: Steve Turnidge
Mastering your music is like mastering your life. It's amazing what happens when you clean up the noise, maximize your good work, and have your music sparkle and shine as you really want it to.

Desktop Mastering is a conceptual guide, intertwining a broad range of knowledge regarding audio engineering principles and practical applications for those wishing to enhance their own as well as their clients' work. In addition to providing a step-by-step in-depth survey of a successful mastering plug-in chain, Desktop Mastering covers real-world practical applications, the fundamentals of audio and electronics. Also included is a personal guide to the business of mastering, leveraging emerging social networks for positive personal and business results.
Inventory #HL 00333257
ISBN: 9781458403742
UPC: 884088573614
Width: 8.5"
Length: 11.0"
198 pages

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