About Rockin' And Rollin': Deluxe Edition DVD

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Have you ever wanted to jam with a top class band? Do you want to sharpen up your improvisation technique? Rockin' And Rollin' features renowned guitarist Dave Briggs and his band demonstrating a variety of rock 'n' roll songs and showing you how to play them.

  • Learn about tuning, passing chords, lead runs and scales
  • Step by step tutorials show you exactly how to play
  • Nine full-length backing tracks let you practice with a top professional band
Bonus! Also included are two CDs featuring 12 rock 'n' roll songs, all recorded to make them sound as if the band is right there in the room with you! Each song has two tracks: one demonstrating the guitar solo, the other a full-length backing track that lets you take over the solo yourself!

Rockin' And Rollin' is a great look-and-learn method, a useful practice tool and a great way to unwind, just playing along with your own rock 'n' roll band!

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