Learn To Play Funk Bass - Level Two (DVD)

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This programme,dfeaturing Freekbass - today's toppremier funk bassist, encourages you to take your playing to the next level and develop your own creativity. learn to fuse funk and blues scales, hammer-on grooves and funky right hnd variations. Develop key funk elements like the Dorian thump mute groove, double thump, ghost note percussive technique and multiple position scales spanning the entire neck. Funk techjniques can be heard in many different styles of music across all genres. Every bass player needs this program!
  • Get helpful tips.
  • Ask the teacher.
  • Use the student message boards.
  • Download backing tracks to play over.
  • Take a quiz.
  • Access 'Sheet Music'.
  • Post original compositions.
  • Download free 'tuner' and 'metronome' software.
  • Explore tons of other content to help make learning fun and complete.

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