Learn To Play Funk Bass - Level One (DVD)

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A solid foundation for the Bass!

Described as the 'New spiritual warrior for the funk' by legendary bass pioneer Bootsy Collins, Freekbass teaches you how to lay down the funk, step-by-step! You start at the beginning by learning how to properly hold and tune your Bass, left and right hand techniques and the G major scale. You quickly graduate to key funk elements like slap and pop, thump, pluck, groove and timing. Learn octaves and how to put major and minor triads into full progressions. Funk is a core style and the techniques are used in many genres of music. This program is a must for all aspiring Bass players!
  • Get helpful tips.
  • Ask the teacher.
  • Use the student message boards.
  • Download backing tracks to play over.
  • Take a quiz.
  • Access 'Sheet Music'.
  • Post original compositions.
  • Download free 'tuner' and 'metronome' software.
  • Explore tons of other content to help make learning fun and complete.

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