Larry Coryell: Advanced Jazz Guitar DVD

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Larry Coryell is one of jazz/rock fusion's true pioneering greats and, along with his solo recordings, has recorded with numerous legendary musicians such as John McLaughlin, Sonny Rollins, Stephane Grappelli, and Wayne Shorter. Always an educator as well as a player, he's been a popular columnist for Guitar Player Magazine for many years.

It's hard to imagine a more in-depth and advanced lesson on jazz guitar than this masterpiece by Larry Coryell. All of his years of experience and knowledge come into focus as he works on:
  • How to play over changes
  • Substitute chords and licks
  • Turnarounds
  • Breaking down complex single-note melodies
  • Blues/jazz styles
  • Swing comping
  • Combining Django-style with modern "walking" bass lines
  • Coltrane phrases
  • Lenny Breau-style "waterfall" harmonics
  • "Outside" playing, Gabor Szabo octaves
  • Special stretch exercises
  • Working with dissonance
... and even more! Larry shows throughout the tape how he's just as incredible a teacher as he is a player, and we can assure you, there's enough information here to keep any guitarist busy for a long time.

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