Arabic Percussion by Yinon Muallem

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On this unique and personal instructional DVD, Instructor Yinon Muallem teaches 5 different Arab percussion instruments: Darbuka (also known as Doumbek), Riqq, Mazhar, Duff and Zils, with a greater focus on the Darbuka and the Riqq. The video starts with the basics, and continues with the teaching of popular rhythms, so that even people with no previous experience whatsoever in music can become proficient on these drums. The video is easy to follow, and the instructions are very clear. As the lessons progress, you will learn nine different rhythms. The concluding segment of the video includes a review of all the rhythms, in the order in which they were taught. It will allow you to practice, and even improvise, on your own. Mr. Muallem teaches with a sincere desire to make learning enjoyable. An instructional booklet is included as a PDF file on the DVD.

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