Metrophone MPDG Digital Metronome Headphones w/ GFC Gel

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  • Professional referencing sound from any audio source (Stereo Line-In)
  • 2 Separate speaker systems (Metronome & KOSS Reference Speakers)
  • Frequency Response 15 - 25000 Hz
  • Liquid Filled Cushions, 29db Isolation, Superior Head Clamp Pressure
  • 9' Replacable Stereo Cord, Optional Built-in Metronome System w/On-Off/Volume/Speed Controls, "Click" line out via 2.5 mm jack
  • Superior accuracy LCD display
  • Range 40-250 beats/minute

To change the Battery on Metrophones, carefully peel off the liquid filled ear cushion, on the side that the cable plugs into. The speaker board should pop off, as it is held in place by the cushion. Being careful not to pull on the wires, remove the foam insulation to expose the battery. Replace the 9 volt battery with a high quality battery such as a Duracell, for longest life. Replace the foam insulation then, hold the speaker board back in place as it was, while attaching the liquid cushion.

To maintain Metrophone Isolation and Comfort performance, change your ear cushions once a year

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