VFE Pale Horse Dynamic Overdrive Pedal

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The Pale Horse started as an electrical theory. How could the most widely used & copied overdrive pedal in history be improved? The answer has led to so many changes & improvements that the Pale Horse is really a unique overdrive pedal that is unlike any other. The Pale Horse is so smooth, transparent, and dynamic, more than a few have reported that it sounds as good or better than their own amp’s distortion, all by itself. Use it on the clean channel to create a foot-switchable “channel B”, or push an already overdriven amp into sonic nirvana.

  • Drive - Controls the amount of gain in the circuit. More gain = more distortion, compression, and sustain.
  • Tone - This is an active boost/cut control that affects frequencies above the point set by the internal FREQUENCY control (stock 3.2kHz).
  • Level - Controls the overall volume output of the pedal.
  • Low Cut - Cuts bass when turned clockwise. Helps tighten up the low end, which is especially useful with higher-gain settings. Roll-off point range: 33Hz - 1.5kHz
  • High Cut - Cuts highs when turned clockwise. Helps smooth out high-gain fizziness or warm up bright single coils. Roll-off point range: 500Hz - 15kHz
  • A-L-M - This 3-way clipping switch selects between 3 modes - lush saturation using mosfet transistors (M), modern crunch using 5mm red LEDs (L), and asymmetrical overdrive using a one-by-three, silicon & germanium diode arrangement (A).
  • Internal Controls - There are 2 internal controls in the Pale Horse. The upper left trimpot is an IMPEDANCE control, so you can better match the load of your amplifier for the most transparency (Range 200K - 1M). The top right FREQUENCY trimpot selects the cutoff frequency of the active TONE control (Range: 1.2-7.2 kHz).

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