Yamaha 10",12",13",14" Darkwood Stain Concert Tom Set w/ 2 WS865A Stands

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After exhaustive study to determine the best size for this model specifically designed for concert use, Yamaha adopted a size structure based on the proportional relation between diameter and depth, which is “For every 1 inch increase in diameter, increase the depth by 1/2 inch”. As a result, Yamaha designers successfully achieved the classical tone and lingering depth which is fundamentally different from that of existing concert toms.

Solving a conventional problem that tonal color and length of sustain differ between toms, the 9000 Series offers a perfect unity in tone and sustain as a whole set, which gives you a higher level of expressivity. This series also has a wide tuning range from high to low register to allow you to produce various types of sound that is required in orchestral music.

How a tom and a stand are connected is a very important factor to determine the resonance and tonal color of the instrument. As the best mount system for CT-9000 series, Yamaha adopted the YESS II Mount System. This reflects the design concept of the Yamaha ultra-high-end drum set PHX series drum sets.

By putting the tom in a state close to “hanging in the air” as much as possible without holding it, this mount system minimizes the potential loss where the stand absorbs the instrument’s vibration and succeeds to bring out tom tom’s original fat tone with longer sustain. A shorten time lag between a point of attack and sound generation allows you to concentrate on your play more easily.

Oak shell offers a fat, dense tone and sharp, open resonance. In addition to these characteristics, longer sustain and quick response is provide by YESS III Mounting System, achieving a perfect balance between tone clarity and abundant sustain. Even when playing a high-speed passage or roll, you can deliver the slightest nuance to your audience.


  • 6-ply oak shells produced with the Air-Seal System
  • Dynahoop Rims
  • Darkwood Stain Finish
  • REMO Coated ambassador (Batter)& Ultra Clear (Bottom)
  • Each set of four concert tom comes with two WS-865A stands, that feature double braced legs, and ball and socket mount design
  • YESS III Mounting System accepts Yamaha hex rod clamp arm

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