Sabian 10"x10" HH Mike Portnoy Mid Max Stax Cymbals - Brilliant Finish

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*Please note: Sabian is changing their corporate logo including the logo that is printed on their cymbals, so any cymbals ordered at this time may or may not include the new or old logo. As inventory turns over, eventually all Sabian cymbals will include the new logo. Cascio music is unable to guarantee any Sabian cymbal will ship with a specific logo.


Traditional hand hammering creates a dark, musically complex and highly personalized tone that makes HH the choice of players seeking a uniquely dark, one-of-a-kind sound of their own.

Composed of HH China kang and HH splash

HH China Kang micro-sized models respond with a raw, tight combination of chinese and splash. The sound is 'kang'.

HH Splash is small, thin, and fast, with a dark touch of tone and its own special character.

  • Style: Vintage
  • Metal: B20
  • Sound: Dark

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