Korg Micrometro Digital Clip-On Metronome - Blue

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Meet the new Korg Micrometro, the compact yet serious personal clip-on metronome.

The Micrometro Digital Metronome packs high-precision Korg metronome features into a compact body. Available in both red and blue, the Micrometro's clip-on design lets you easily enjoy rhythm training wherever you go!

Convenient and easy to use, the Micrometro is your personal metronome. The tempo can be set to one of 39 values matching those found on a traditional metronome's pendulum; the current tempo is shown in the LCD window. Once the tempo is set, select one of the ten beat patterns. These patterns include seven time signatures, plus three tuplet patterns - duplets, triplets and quadruplets.

The Micrometro's volume can be set toLoud or Soft to suit different environments. The current tempo is also indicated by the flashing LED. This combination of visual and audible cues makes it easy to follow the tempo. For discrete use, the sound maybe muted completely, providing a visual-only tempo indicator. The current tempo and beat pattern are retained even when the power is off, allowing you to quickly recall your favorite settings.


  • Compact, clip-on metronome designed to travel with you
  • 39 Traditional pendulum metronome settings, from 40-208 BPM
  • LCD Screen shows the current temp setting
  • 7 Time signatures as well as duplet, triplet and quadruplet patterns
  • Loud, Soft or Muted volume settings plus an LED beat indicator
  • Available in red [MCM1RD] and blue [MCM1BL]

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