Improving Your Ear for Country Blues Guitarists - DVD

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In this lesson John Miller will provide you with the tools you need todevelop your ability to tell what position or tuning a Country Bluesperformance was played out of simply by listening to the recording.Believe it or not, this is a learnable skill and John, who has taught itfor many years, will show you what to listen for and help you getstarted hearing the various auditory clues that identify the distinctivesound of the different playing positions and tunings most commonly usedin Country Blues guitar playing. Developing your ability to do thiskind of informed listening, or listening with knowledge will reapsignificant rewards for your playing, most especially improving yourability to learn by ear and increasing the speed with which you're ableto pick up new material.One of the real advantages of having thismaterial presented in this 2DVD format is that it allows John to go overthe material in real detail, presenting the sound characteristics ofthe different playing positions and tunings at length, and providing youwith memory devices to help you remember the sound of alternating bassfor the different positions and tunings. The material is not presentedin the abstract, either - as John goes along, he plays a host ofexamples drawn from Country Blues performances that help illustrate andexemplify the characteristic sound of each playing position. The PDFstudy guide that accompanies the lesson includes a summary of the soundcharacteristics that identify each of the playing positions/tuningspresented in the lesson, as well as the memory devices that will helpyou remember the sound of the bass in the different positions. Alsoincluded on the DVD is a test to take when you have completed thelesson, with a selection of recordings of Country Blues played out ofdifferent positions and tunings for you to identify using your newskills. Disc One: E position, standard tuning C position, standardtuning D position, standard tuning A position, Standard tuningDiscTwo: G position, standard tuning F position, standard tuningDropped-D tuning Vestapol tuning Spanish tuning 230 minutes Level 1 Detailed PDF booklet file on the DVD

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