Balter BX2 1-1/8" PVC Hard Rattan Mallets - Rosewood/Fiberglass Xylophone Mallets

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The finest things in life are items of superior quality, outstanding performance, and world-class distinction...the best of the best. Balter is the standard of excellence.  That is why they are the choice of today's most discriminating player.  With the name, Balter, on every mallet you can be assured that they will exceed your expectations!

The Glock / Bell / Xylo Series allows the percussionist to expand their sound colors. The Glock / Bell Models are designed to bring out the tonal beauty of orchestra bells. The Xylo Models provide a big, full, warm sound without a harsh, glassy attack. This Series will be a "must have" in your mallet bag. Available in Rattan Handles. Which keyboard handle mallet is best for you

  • Model: BX2
  • Color: PVC
  • Hardness: Hard
  • Head Diameter: 1 1/8"
  • Length: 13 1/4"

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