Tama PBB146 Starphonic Bell Brass 6"x14" Snare Drum

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TAMA is on a quest to bring drummers a new sound in snare drums.

A solid sound that features full projection with rich resonant tone, combined with fine, crisp snare response. In order to achieve this new sound, we have developed a concept that incorporates entirely new hoop, lug, and strainer designs, married to a variety of uniquely constructed drum shells.
STARPHONIC snare drums are the result of 3 years of detailed research and precise testing.
A symphony of sound springs to life from each STARPHONIC drum as a result of their combination of unique special features: naturally resonant shell materials, Super Sensitive Hi-Carbon Snappy Snare wires, and a specially Grooved Hoop for a totally sharp but open sound.

With so many years of drum building history, only TAMA could achieve such a new radical design and sound.

The shape of the edge is one of the most important factors which affect drum sound.  Because the drumheads provide the important source of vibration, the shape of the contact point of the head and shell determines and defines the sound.  This is why TAMA has worked so extensively on achieving the most functional shape for the drum head and edge.  This design, which creates a better fit between the drumhead and bearing edge, maximizes the resonance of drum.  The bearing edge shape is part of our TAMA tradition and is crucial in provided TAMA's unique drum sound.

  • 3mm Bell Brass
  • Grooved Hoop
  • Bearing Edge
  • "Linear-Drive" Strainer
  • Detachable Butt Plate
  • Super Sensitive Hi-Carbon Snappy Snare
  • Freedom Lug & Claw Hook
  • Non-Loosening Rubber Gasket
  • Ratchet Style Snappy Tension Adjuster

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