VFE Blueprint Analog-Voiced Delay Pedal

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The Blueprint is an analog-voiced delay based around the popular PT2399 delay chip. It has a delay time range of 40-580ms, controls for mix, level (up to about a 10 dB boost), plus dual modulation controls. An internal trimpot also gives control over the tone of the delay, so you get to decide how clear or filtered the repeats are. The MIX control goes all the way to 100% wet signal, and the ECHO control can drive the pedal into self-oscillation for musicians who like to walk on the wild side.

  • Time - Controls the delay time. Range: 40-580ms
  • Mix - Mixes between the unaffected dry signal & the wet delay signal. Fully counterclockwise = pure dry signal, fully clockwise = pure wet signal.
  • Feedback - Controls the amount of feedback in the delay circuit, and therefore the rate of decay of the repeats. It has a range from one repeat all the way to self-oscillation for those spaceship-style sounds.
  • Level - Controls the output volume of the pedal. At max, there is about a 10dB of clean boost.
  • Speed - Controls the speed of the modulation. Range: about 0.1s to 2s.
  • Depth - Controls the depth of the modulation. The modulation effect can be turned off by rolling this control fully counterclockwise. The combination of the speed & depth controls allow for some mellow chorus tones and warbly de-tuned delay sounds.
  • Internal Control - There is one internal trimpot that controls the tone of the delay line. Go from a brighter, more transparent delay, to a dark & ambient delay. Note: Brighter delay settings will result in more clock noise when the time control is above ~400ms.

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