Yamaha Hexrack II 2 Leg Config w/ Hexagonal Curved Pipe & 2 Cymbal Holders

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The original HEXRACK system amazed drummers around the globe with its innovative design and amazing flexibility. To take it to the next level, we listened closely to user feedback, consulted with our Yamaha artists, and went back to a clean slate to build and all new system… one that delivers flexibility and strength even greater than before. The design of the all-new HEXRACKII starts with a new aluminum alloy that delivers strength far beyond what the original system offered while being amazingly light in weight. A refined clamp system features a new design that provides drummers with infinite possibilities and flexibility. The HEXRACKII also offers compatibility with the original HEXRACK system, so owners of the original can use what they have with the new system. The all-new HEXRACKII… changing the way drummers think about kit setup. It will have your imagination running wild.

Hip looks, superior flexibility, and a rock solid grip offer drummers a whole new approach to kit setup. The potential of the HEXRACKII is only limited by your imagination.

Compared to a typical hardware setup, the HEXRACKII requires much less space and reduces floor clutter produced by stand legs, etc., around the kit.

The HEXRACKII utilizes a complex cross section design evolved from the original HEXRACK. The pipes are made from an aluminum alloy. This combination of design and material produces pipes that are significantly lighter in weight while providing greatly improved strength-as much as double that of conventional round pipe.

  • (2)HXTL30II 30" T-legs
  • HXCP44II 44" Curved Pipe
  • (2)HXCCLL Cross Clamps
  • (2)HXTCII Clamps
  • (2)CH-755 Boom Arms
  • HXLCII Bullseye Level

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