Rudimental Etudes and Warm-Ups Covering All 40 Rudiments - Easy Level - Softcover

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Each dedicated to a different difficulty level, this set of three books contain snare drum etudes written for each of the 40 rudiments. As a prelude to each etude, there are warm-ups dedicated to the development and mastering of the rudiment it precedes. The overall idea is to have both a technical (the warm-ups) and a musical (the etudes) approach to each of the rudiments. The end result should not only be a mastering of each rudiment, but an applied musicality most often ignored when playing or practicing the rudiments for rudiment's sake.

Easy Level
Series: Percussion  
Publisher: SmartMusic
Format: Softcover  
Author: Joe Testa
Author: Kit Chatham
Author: Steve Murphy  
Inventory #HL 06620171
ISBN: 9781458418593
UPC: 884088619978
Width: 9.0"
Length: 12.0"
136 pages

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