Ibanez Troubador Series T150S - 150-Watt Acoustic Guitar Combo Amplifier

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What's the one thing that almost all small venue musicians strive for when it comes to amplifiers? Some might say "pure immersive tone", which would undoubtedly be followed by "portability". The Ibanez T-Series Acoustic Guitar Amplifiers deliver exactly that, along with the striking appearance of a hand-crafted boutique amplifier. Whether you’re strumming away at the local coffee shop or playing weekly gigs at a religious venue, the sounds of the T-Series will fill the room. Plus, you won't have to break your back getting your amp in and out. The Ibanez T-Series was designed with portability in mind.

All Troubadour amps feature a CD/AUX input which can be used to connect a CD or digital audio player making jamming along to backing tracks a snap.  

All Troubadour amps include chorus for producing natural, beautiful tones as well as reverb for a wider variety of sound options. The T150S offers these effects in stereo for an even boarder soundscape.  

The T150S features 2 channels, both equipped with selectable guitar and mic inputs. Phantom power is available for both mic inputs. A DSP based preamp offers cleaner sounds and a higher overall sonic quality.  

Both the T150S and T80N feature a notch filter as well the ability to invert the phase of your signal to avoid feedback. In addition they also feature a mute function which is applicable for both channels at the same time.

  • 150 Watt Dedicated Acoustic Guitar Amplifier  
  • 75W x 2 Stereo  
  • 2 x 6.5” Full Range Speakers  
  • 3-Band EQ With Sweepable Midrange x 2  
  • Switchable Chorus With Speed And Depth Control  
  • Reverb With Level Control  
  • Phase-Invert switch  
  • Phantom Power Switch  
  • Mute Switch  
  • Headphone Out W/ Stereo FX  
  • Stereo ballanced out  
  • Small Size, Light Weight  
  • Tilt Bar

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