Ibanez JEM77 Steve Vai Signature Electric Guitar - Floral Pattern 2

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Steve Vai is one of the revered few on that short list of payers who have changed the way we all think about what a guitar can really do. His signature Ibanez guitars are no different: Iconic, Sublime, Awe-Inspiring, Outrageous. The Ibanez JEM/UV Series models are designed to break boundaries.  
JEM77’s Edge bridge and Lion’s Claw cavity for stable tuning and rad trem effects.  

Iconic floral pattern throughout JEM77’s basswood body.  

JEM77FP2 includes Steve’s “Monkey Grip” handle cut on the body.  

Close-up of Floral Pattern Vine fretboard inlay.  

JEM77FP features DiMarzio® Evolution® humbucker in the neck position, DiMarzio® Evolution® single coil in the middle position and DiMarzio® Evo 2™ in the bridge position. This pu conbination features wide sound varieties for modern rock.  

Acclaimed Edge tremolo features knife-edge-like pivot surfaces for virtually friction free operation. The low-profile design of the Edge tremolo includes fine tuners conveniently angled back to prevent right hand touches. The Edge bridge features a stud lock in both studs for maximum tuning stability.


  • Proudly made in Japan since their debut in 1987
  • Contoured body with 24-fret JEM neck provides easy access to all registers
  • Vai’s choice of specific DiMarzio pickups on models combined with Ibanez Split-5 wiring provide incredible tonal versatility
  • Lion's Claw tremolo cavity allows pitches to be radically raised or lowered
  • Steve Vai’s Japanese-made U777 Universe – the iconic solid-body seven-string – allows easy transition from 6- to 7-string techniques
  • Neck Material: 5pc Maple/ Walnut  
  • Neck Type: JEM Prestige  
  • Body: Basswood body  
  • Frets: 6105 frets  
  • Fingerboard: Rosewood  
  • Inlay: Floral Pattern Vine inlay  
  • Bridge: Edge bridge  
  • NeckPU: DiMarzio® Evolution® DP158  
  • MiddlePU: DiMarzio® Evolution® DPS1  
  • BridgePU: DiMarzio® Evo2™  
  • HW Color: CH  
  • Finish: FP2

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