Flatpicking Celtic Guitar - Songbook & CD

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Allan Alexander the author states: "For me, playing the guitar is allabout finding pieces of music that you want to play over and over again.I don't know a formula for what makes up a great piece, but I know itwhen I hear it. A good piece of music is not a page with notes hangingin a museum, it's music you come back to ten years later and love itjust as much as you did when you first heard it. Whether it's a classicpiece by O'Carolan, or a traditional piece in the Celtic tradition, thatis what I believe you will find in this book. Quite simply, these arebeautiful arrangements of Celtic Music that you will keep you comingback. So if you love playing the guitar, and you are looking for musicyou will be playing for a lifetime, this is the book for you.".

Beginner to Intermediate
Book & CD
45 pages
Duration 70 minutes
Published by ADG Productions
ISBN 1934163279

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